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14 Year Old Male To Female Transformation!!

SHOW MORE... . . . . My Facebook- My Tumblr- The song i used- ...

2013-09-30 10:56 2,599,586 YouTube

Family Strokes - The Needy Babysitter!

2017-02-11 14:15 56,925,219 YouTube

Kids Refuse To Clean Their Bedroom | Supernanny

This mother loses her temper when the kids refuse to tidy their bedroom. Instead they just make fun of their mother. More tips here on how to get your kids to do ...

2015-11-14 03:00 6,037,514 YouTube

A Girl and A Horse

Part 2: A Girl and Her Horse. Literally. That is what this video is. Directing, editing, filming by me, Amber Greeson. Special Thanks to ...

2010-01-04 04:54 164,017,496 YouTube

Young boy and Teacher's Emotional Short Film - The Broken Necklace | Pocket Films

A fifth grade teacher encounters an insolent,good-for-nothing student in her class. In spite of her determination to not discriminate among her #students, she ...

2014-10-02 12:50 4,947,209 YouTube

^Summer Wine^is why YOU TUBE OVER RULED GOD & BLOCKED ME FROM MY PLAYLISTS until they were forced to let me back, (read below).

This song ^SUMMER WINE^ includes the truth about women for balance because it’s like a woman said to Hamlet “can beauty have better commerce than with hones...

2015-08-06 04:40 3,614 Vimeo

READ about HE ALWAYS GETS A REPLAY in the song Pinball Wizard in this class L125 and L127j at playlist 12. Rated PG-13.

This WAS video #18 on my YouTube playlist 12 at until YOU TUBE DELETED IT. So I posted ...

2015-06-09 05:12 8,985 Vimeo

Rated R (X). Read signs TO THE CHURCH & everybody else explaining why it's time to enjoy porn w/o guilt in God’s will and timing

The^title of this video implies some people in church might be saying “listen Dumbo do you know how long and how much the church has been watching porn alread...

2017-09-19 39:00 463 Vimeo

Delete this for trivial excuses & U R dead Porn hub, do you hear me FBI? Read about the wrath of God behind it.

^THIS^ video is at my rated X playlist for music videos at I made this video to ex...

2017-08-29 10:44 222 Vimeo