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Feliz navidad jjj

2016-12-19 00:18 34,356 YouTube

Gang of Youths cover The Middle East 'Blood' for Like A Version

Gang of Youths bring the feels covering The Middle East's 'Blood' for triple's Like A Version. Subscribe: Like A Version is a segment on Australian radio station tri

2017-09-14 05:39 794,635 YouTube

jjj tom

Talking Tom 2

2014-01-13 00:10 60,371 YouTube

gummy bear

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2007-12-30 00:33 8,992,844 YouTube

Interpol - JJJ Interview

Paul and Carlos interviewed by Dools and Linda. Aww... poor Carlos ;)

2010-02-05 06:03 60,697 YouTube

JJJ - Public Kiss + Possible Snogging

Quick peck on the lips infront of everyone, this time JJ closing his eyes and puckering up. Followed by possible snogging under the doona.10/08/2010....

2010-08-10 04:38 35,773 Dailymotion

JJJ - Snog?

JJJ snogging then cuddling?29/07/2010....

2010-07-30 04:00 19,655 Dailymotion

JJJ - We Sharing a Room?

John James winds Josie up about them sharing a room in Ibiza and then desperately asks her if JJJ are sharing a room.02/08/10....

2010-08-03 01:33 17,815 Dailymotion

JJJ - Where's Your Didgeridoo?

JJJ snuggling in bed, talking about his didgeridoo, his car and then JJ tells Josie he wants to ragdoll her.11/08/2010....

2010-08-11 04:54 12,367 Dailymotion

JJJ - Might Smell of Garlic But I'll Always Love You

Josie seeks reassurance that JJ won't be different on the outside.06/08/2010...

2010-08-07 17:39 14,548 Dailymotion

JJJ Puppets

Various clips of JJJ from the day of the puppet task. One of the first times the HLs really focused on their relationship....

2010-08-11 11:01 6,293 Vimeo

JJJ Talk sex


2010-09-01 02:43 6,293 Vimeo

JJJ 19 Aug Kisses


2010-08-19 03:03 7,702 Vimeo

JJJ Footy shirt

John James changes into his football top after JJ arrives...

2010-09-02 01:19 4,388 Vimeo

JJJ Of course

Day 5...

2010-09-01 02:11 4,610 Vimeo